Chinzei Grand Shrine Suwa Shrine

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Suwa Shrine has a long and complicated past. It began in 1614, the same year as Tokugawa's edict against Christianity. The shrine was formed as a way to unite the community against the growing population of Christian-converted Japanese in the area, which outnumbered the Shinto and Buddhist population. Many local Christians took to destroying the shrine's progress until a priest, Aoki Kensei, came to Nagasaki in 1624 and put a halt to interference. The shrine was later used as a census location in 1634 and required Christians to register and renounce their faith or face extreme penalties and in severe cases, death. 



18-15 Kaminishiyama-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki (الخريطة) (الاتجاهات)

رقم الهاتف




Ride the streetcar to Suwa Jinja and climb the 277 steps to the shrine.

Chinzei Grand Shrine Suwa Shrine


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