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Makuhari Messe

Makuhari Messe is one of Japan’s largest convention centers, located in the seaside Mihama district of Chiba. The site, which opened in October of 1989,..

Ajinomoto Stadium

Ajinomoto Stadium (officially Tokyo Stadium for the Rugby World Cup 2019 due to commercial rules) is easily accessed from Tokyo Station—only 40 minutes—or..

Universal Studios Japan

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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka is the most famous theme park in the Kansai region and is one of the six Universal Studios theme parks around the..

Tokyo DisneySea

4.4 (5 Reviews)

Tokyo Disneysea became the second of the two theme parks at Tokyo Disney Resort when it opened in September 2001. The park was popular right from th..

Kumamoto Stadium

Founded in 1998, the beautiful wing-shaped roof is just one of EGAO Kenko Stadium’s features. From the outside, the stadium is surrounded by lush forests..

Ryogoku Kokugikan

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Tokyo's primary sumo hall at Ryogoku Kokugikan (両国国技館 Ryōgoku Kokugikan) was completed in 1985. It seats over 10,000 spectators and hosts 3..

إضاءات الساكورا في سوميدا بارك

إضاءات الساكورا في سوميدا بارك

Mh Mohammed

سوميدا بارك  والأزهار بجانب النهر وإضاءات الليل قرب أساكوسا . مكان رائع ، وموسم أزهار الكرز تزيدها بهجة !!

طوكيو, Sumida Park Mar 21st - Apr 7th 1 Free