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Japan Travel takes you on a journey exploring the nation's wonderful and cute animal cafes.

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Kobe Owl Cafe

Kobe Owl Cafe

Janessa Landry

Are you in Kobe? Do you want to spend some time with some owls in a owl cafe? There is one such place on Kobe's Motomachi! Come..

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Temari No Ouchi Cat Cafe

Temari No Ouchi Cat Cafe

Sophia Warren

Temari no Uchi is a cat cafe with a cozy treehouse theme. Located just outside of Tokyo proper in Mushashino, this neko paradise..

Harry Hedgehog Cafe 18

Harry Hedgehog Cafe

Tinka Weener

If you want something different than your average cat, owl, bunny or goat-themed cafe you are in luck. HARRY the hedgehog cafe is..

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Ikefukurou Owl Café

Ikefukurou Owl Café

Allie Tan

This café in Ikebukurou allows you to get meet, pet and pose with owls of all shapes and sizes.

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Neko Cafe Aikyatto 15

Neko Cafe Aikyatto

Justin Velgus

Neko Cafe Aikyatto is a cat cafe in downtown Sendai outside Hiroseidori Exit 1. The cafe is open 11am-8pm on weekdays, 10am-8pm..

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Nyafe Melange

Nyafe Melange

Reika Clare

Enjoy a relaxing break with cats at Nyafe Melange cat cafe in Ebisu, not far from the Shibuya area.

Pfft Cat Cafe, Okayama

Pfft Cat Cafe, Okayama

Ciara Long

Pet and play with beautiful pure breed cats, drink juice and eat delicious snacks in the luxurious surroundings of this parlour..

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