Kamigamo Shrine

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Kamigamo Shrine is Kyoto’s oldest Shinto shrine. It was built in the year 678, during the rule of Emperor Tenmu. One of the 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto, the Kamigamo Shrine complex is also designated as a Preservation Area of Historic Landscape and as a Historic Site by the government. 



339 Kamigamo Motoyama, Kita Ward, Kyoto, 603-8047 (الخريطة) (الاتجاهات)

ساعات العمل :

5:30 - 17:00 Closed

Opening Hours

الاثنين 5:30 - 17:00
الثلاثاء 5:30 - 17:00
الاربعاء 5:30 - 17:00
الخميس 5:30 - 17:00
الجمعة 5:30 - 17:00
السبت 5:30 - 17:00
الاحد 5:30 - 17:00
Holidays 5:30 - 17:00

رقم الهاتف





Romon Gate

Romon Gates (Tower Gates) are imposing red structures built to mark entrances to important places in Japan. In Kamigamo Shrine, visitors cross a small red bridge over the water to get to the Romon Gate. The gate stands at the entrance to the Honden and Gonden buildings that lie within. Unlike torii gates, there are only a few sites in Japan that have Romon Gates.


Tatezuna are the large conical sand mounds sitting at the entrance of the main shrine building. It is said that their conical shape was constructed to represent the sacred Mt. Kouyama. Mt. Kouyama is the mountain in which the patron deity of Kamigamo Shrine is said to have descended from. The Tatezuna of Kamigamo Shrine are allegedly the inspiration for the practice of forming sand mounds or scattering sand at new construction sites to ward off evil.

Honden & Gonden

Reconstructed in 1863, the Honden is the main shrine building. Gonden is an exact replica of the Honden, built as a backup for the shrine deity in case of any damage done to the original. Both are designated as National Treasures. Every year on May 15, Kyoto’s Aoi Matsuri is held at the Honden building.


20 minutes on foot from Kitaoji Station

15 minutes walk from Kitayama Station

30-minute bus ride #4 Kyoto City Bus from JR Kyoto Station get off at last stop Kamigamo Shrine

Kamigamo Shrine


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