Echizen Cape Observation Deck

Magnificent view of the Japan Sea from the hilltop

One of the major tourist attractions of Echizen Beach in Fukui prefecture is its magnificent scenery. And the best place to appreciate it is Echizen Cape Observation Deck. This deck is located on the top of the hill which faces Echizen Beach, and on the way up there is Echizen Cape Daffodil Land halfway up the hill. In mid winter, the view of daffodil flowers in full bloom covering the entire hillside, with the Japan Sea in the background is so dramatic. Since I visited in mid October, I couldn't see these beautiful flowers. Instead, I was rewarded by the refreshing view of the green hill and the clear blue water of Japan Sea. It was just wonderful!

Echizen Beach Series 1. Echizen Beach in Early Autumn 2. Ebisu Shrine on Echizen Beach 3. Kannon Shrine in a Seaside Cave 4. Kocho Gate & Guano Rock 5. Daffodil Shrine at Echizen Beach 6. Echizen Cape Observation Deck

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