Nishiyama Park's Moss Pink Mountain

Pink moss phlox cushion on a warm spring day in Fukui

Nishiyama Park in Sabae City, Fukui, is famous for its seasonal beauty. The 1,000 cherry trees in the park will bloom in unison in spring, and in May its 50,000 azaleas will celebrate the coming of early summer. In fall the whole hill will be colored in red with gorgeous autumn leaves. But did you know they also have pretty pink moss phlox flowers that will decorate the hillsides in late April? I didn't, and was surprised when I actually saw them. Wow, how pretty! They look like a pink fluffy mountain on which I would have taken a nap lying down, but I was afraid I would get caught and end up in jail! I'm sure you'll come to see azaleas here in May, but don't forget to pay attention to these pretty flowers!

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