Photo: Yuki Nakamura / Unsplash

Ishibashi Cultural Center Maple Festival 2023

Maples, music, and more

Venue: Ishibashi Cultural Center When: Nov 21st - Dec 3rd 2023

The vivid reds of Japanese maples are one of autumn's highlights, and the Ishibashi Cultural Center in Fukuoka's Kurume City is hosting an event to celebrate them. The Ishibashi Cultural Center Maple Festival includes not just maple trees but zelkovas and ginkgos, plus live music performances, food trucks, and market stalls on select days.

Photo: Kurume City PR Office

In addition, on November 23rd through 26th there will be an evening light up held from 5pm until 8pm – it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves after dark.

There is no admission fee to enjoy the natural beauty, but do bring yen if you plan on making purchases from the food trucks or market stalls.

Getting there

The Ishibashi Cultural Center is located approximately 5 minutes by bus from Nishitetsu Kurume Station, or around 15 minutes by bus from JR Kurume Station.

For those who opt to drive, paid on-site parking is available.

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