Streamer Coffee Company

Chic coffee in Shibuya

Feel inspired when you appease your next series of withdrawal symptoms by dropping by Streamer Coffee Company. Although the café itself is still wet behind the ears, its owner and head barista has been in the business of coffee for 11 years.

After opening in Shibuya in 2010, Streamer Coffee fostered a large following of café lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike, not only due to its great coffee and service but also thanks to the name behind it. 2008 Millrock latte art champion, Hiroshi Sawada, is a household name in the coffee world here in Tokyo so expectations were high when word spread that he was opening up his own café. It’s loyal cult following proves that Streamer Coffee Company has lived up to and even transcended any ideas about what the café would or would not to be.

The atmosphere at Streamer is akin to Melbourne cafes: hip with a minimalist designed interior. The long narrow space incorporates a counter area that looks out onto the street, as well as comfortable sofa areas in case you and a few friends want to relax and a long wooden table that is great for long afternoons of studying and taking advantage of the free wi-fi.

Since their grand opening in Shibuya in 2010, Streamer has expanded their brand with the opening of another store in October 2011. You’ll find the second edition of Streamer in the trendy fashion district of Harajuku.

Streamer is best known for their signature iced revolver latte that is comprised of not one, not two, but six ristretto shots. A ristretto (Italian for restricted) is essentially an espresso shot that has less water, although there are a number of ways to pull ristretto. Ristretto is known for bringing out the natural sweetness and nutty flavors of the coffee bean, flavors that are typically covered by the bitterness of a regular espresso shot. This specialty drink is ¥570 and is served in a stylish Streamer branded glass mug.

Streamer Coffee Company also serves up their own brand of fresh coffee beans and other Streamer merchandise such as T-shirts and the iced revolver latte mugs. All available merchandise is displayed near the bar counter, making it hard to miss when picking up your order. 

Lucky for us coffee lovers, Streamer employs only the best baristas so you’re guaranteed a great beverage and inspirational latte art every time you order regardless of which location or who’s behind the counter.

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