Cheap and tasty yakitori in downtown Tokyo

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Are you yakitori addicts? In that case, Torikizoku is the perfect place for you. Situated only five minutes away from JR Shinjuku Station, Torikizoku, is a yakitoriya restaurant chain. Believe it or not, everything here costs only ¥280. There might be a long line, but it’s worth the wait.

The helpful staff will lead you to your table and are always be available if you need any help with the menu or simply a beer refill. The menu has a great variety to choose from. Based on the waiter’s recommendations, I tried the chicken breast with leek and a delicious secret sauce, chicken skin, karage (fried chicken bites) and camembert croquettes with melted butter. The food was accompanied by cabbage and spicy cucumber pickles that you can get a refill for free as many times as you want.

The atmosphere is good, it’s cheap and the food quality is excellent! Oishii!!! - Lollo, a customer.

For those who want to drink alcohol, there is a great variety of beers, wines and cocktails to choose from. And glasses of ice-cold water will be automatically refilled by the waiters before you even have time to ask for it.

For a night out, what plays an important role for me at a restaurant, apart from the food and the service, is the overall atmosphere in that place. Would you like to know what it felt like to be at Torikizoku in Shinjuku? The restaurant was already full when I got there and the waiters where running around energetically, always smiling and from time to time shouting to each other encouraging words. When looking around, I could see only happy faces, people laughing, enjoying their food and company.

If you like yakitori and you are interested in going out with friends without necessarily paying a lot of money, I would highly recommend that you try Torikizoku.

If you want to access the restaurant in Shinjuku here are some basic directions: From the East Exit of JR Shinjuku Station, walk north for five minutes. Or from the South Exit of Seibu Shinjuku Station, walk east for 3 minutes.

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